Because we build your personal brand like its our own

In today's era of social abundance, cultivating a lovable audience is invaluable. 

But why is it invaluable?

Imagine you have an audience, your fanbase, your tribe that trusts you and appreciates you for who you are and what expertise you have. So much so that, they will buy anything that you sell when they need it, consider you as the most obvious choice, and tell people around you about you.

We help you build that connection and establish your online presence by:

  • Telling & amplifying your stories that encapsulate your career journey and timeless lessons.
  • Connect you to the people that really matter.
  • Pitch you to be on platforms that matter.
  • Create strong narratives about you that create impact and inspire your audience.
  • Drive business results for you.
  • Be your personal team to position you in the right direction.
  • Build your legacy in the eyes of your audience.
  • Make you feel fulfilled and confident in life, business and solidarity.

Our mission is to assist stellar founders and CEOs in telling their stories.

When asked why I should invest in this at all?

We often say, “You never know who needs to hear your story and find inspiration. Your company needs it more than you can imagine. That one announcement or post from your name will be 100 times more impactful than your company shares. Whether it's the investor’s attention you are seeking or quietly hunting for the right business leads or even praying for the right team members to find you, this effort of building your personal brand will compound positively for you to the extent you didn't imagine. We leave no stone unturned in helping you achieve this.”

Our ultimate goal is to share the stories of 111 hardworking, extremely passionate CEOs and founders with their target audience, elevating their personal brand to one that people look up to.

    Our vision is to help people express themselves better.

    We envision a life where people can build a life that makes them feel empowered and connected.

    All of us want to live a life worthwhile, isn't it? 

    But often we fall short of resources, ideas, and assurances. 
    Even if all these solutions can be right under our armor if we take the right steps and make intentional decisions. 

    To stay connected, we should intentionally connect with our audience and share what we have: our story, experiences, and wisdom.

    Look how far we have come

    Content Created
    Delighted Founders & CEOs served
    Industries Served
    Years of Experience in Personal Brand Management
    Startups Accelerated
    Workshops Delivered


    “At Humanize, we think that creating a personal brand is about inspiring people more than it is about selling oneself. Our team finds inspiration in our clients' journeys every day, and are the loudest cheerleaders when they win.”


    Archita Prahladka / Founder

    our team

    Meet Our Team

    Team Member

    Archita Prahladka


    With her expertise and ability to connect intimately with people, Archita has helped around 500 individuals understand the value of personal branding and guided 25+ founders/entrepreneurs in building powerful personal brands over 6 years. Archita's journey and innate desire to help people unlock their personal branding journey inspired her to establish Humanize at the beginning of 2023.  Today, she is a marketing mentor to many entrepreneurs and a personal branding consultant to CXOs, founders, and business owners.

    Team Member

    Sourajit Pal

    Content Creator

    I'm a certified fitness coach turned into content writer and creator. Ideating and creating content is my second love after my workout sessions. But, you can say both are interconnected. I get my daily dose of dopamine boost through my workouts, which fuels my creativity and gives my thoughts a direction to flow and create amazing content for you.

    Team Member

    Shiva Manish Gaddam

    Marketing Executive

    A dynamic marketing executive with a flair for storytelling and content creation. Proficient in crafting captivating narratives for various platforms, Manish blends creativity with strategy to drive business outcomes. Thriving on challenges, he constantly seeks innovative opportunities to push creative boundaries and deliver impactful campaigns

    Team Member

    Vaishnavi Saluja

    Founder's Office Manager

    I started my time at Humanize with a desire to learn and expose myself to different opportunities so far to my surprise it has been a journey filled with milestones. I am pure Gen-z with the nack of creating reels and putting my opinions loud on the room. This phase of my life is called hustle and what keeps me going is Filling/taking out my time to create art and that gives me a lot of peace. At Humanize I work closely with the Founder to help her with array of projects ranging from story profiles, creative spread, R&D, outreach, socials, reeling life at Humanize and basically keeping the Founder’s office together.

    Team Member

    Ashita Sanganeria

    Podcast Outreach Intern

    The drive to improve as a professional and grow as a person brought me to the doors of Humanize. A slight opening in this gate gave me a hope that I can build my career in marketing. Today, I am engaged with reach outs for our clients to put on platforms that matter. I am really enjoying my time immersed in checking out podcasts and events from various industries, a spectrum of domains, and match them to our beloved clients. Well, I have a long pipeline of podcasts, events, collabs to fill in; I must rush.

    Team Member

    Ritika Kurnala

    Research & Audience Builder

    Out of a random combination of choices my time at Humanize has turned out to be an enriching affair of vibrant experiences. I really had no idea what role should I be matched up to but was sure that I am here to go to the next level. My role has been quite transitional just like the many ‘things to do in a new holiday spot’. I was experimenting and in fact was given the privilege to experiment here . Now I find myself thriving in a daily commitment intersected between research, strategic audience building, developing landing pages, and using my time very well. The excel sheet has pinged me multiple times till now, I have to go.


    "When we started it was all about the content of my brand but today the Humanize team is helping us with much more. Podcasts, reach outs, events and our company’s marketing activities too. What I like about them is that they have very organically grown the trust of my audience."


    "Archita and her team have been building my personal brand for over a year now like it's their own. They get me and my vision. I feel in today’s competitive world, what helps anyone is having a striking online brand. It definitely helps."


    "It was a pleasure to collaborate with Archita. She has a strong power of work, efficient productivity skills, and a positive mood as well. Archita has also a creative mindset that helps to go out from a certain conventional point of view regarding marketing tactics and strategies."