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The Humans of Humanize

Meet the talented humans who make up the backbone of our firm, ensuring that the heart of our business—our clients—continues to beat strong.

Team Member
Sourajit Pal

Content Creator

Team Member
Shiva Manish Gaddam

Marketing Executive

Team Member
Vaishnavi Saluja

Founder's Office Manager

Team Member
Ashita Sanganeria

Podcast Outreach Intern

Team Member
Ritika Kurnala

Research & Audience Builder


Leverage the edge you already have

“At Humanize, we think that creating a personal brand is about inspiring people more than it is about selling oneself. Our team finds inspiration in our clients' journeys every day, and are the loudest cheerleaders when they win.”

Archita Prahladka



"It was a pleasure to collaborate with Archita. She has a strong power of work, efficient productivity skills, and a positive mood as well. Archita has also a creative mindset that helps to go out from a certain conventional point of view regarding marketing tactics and strategies."


"Archita and her team have been building my personal brand for over a year now like it's their own. They get me and my vision. I feel in today’s competitive world, what helps anyone is having a striking online brand. It definitely helps."


"Working with Beco was an absolute pleasure. Their operational efficiency recommendations streamlined our processes, saving us time and resources. Our fulfillment speed has never been faster, and our customers are noticing the difference."