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Welcome to the daring corner of any website, where even the bravest souls hesitate to tread!

But we believe in being transparent from day one. What else are human relations built on if not trust?
P.S: These plans are customizable and so are the numbers.

Pricing that suits your needs

Bare Minimum

If you want to just start with a basic plan to experience the process and opportunity of personal branding, this one's for you.

Trial for $500 for the 1st month
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  • Dedicated Content Strategist
  • 5x content a month
  • 20x Strategy Audience Building
  • 10x Podcast reach-outs
  • Monthly Review Calls
  • Quarterly Story Sessions
  • Monthly Content Calendar
  • Monthly Reporting

Full Service

This is like a full-on scoop of all our top services at once. Quantitative as well as qualitative this will take your personal brand to the next level.

Trial for $500 for the 1st month
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  • Dedicated Content Team
  • 20x content a month
  • 40x Strategy Audience Building
  • 20x Podcast reach outs
  • Monthly Review Calls
  • Monthly Story Sessions
  • Monthly Content Calendar 
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Custom Illustrations (Proprietary)
  • Custom Video Content
  • LinkedIn Audio Events
  • Dynamic Personal Branding Objectives

Only Podcasts

Just want to start with podcasts? Start with this.

500 for 2 months
(One time pay)
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  • Dedicated Reach out Associate
  • Targeted research 
  • 5 confirmed podcast collabs
  • Basic Consultation

Startup Nest

This initiative is all about making an impact. We specialize in guiding founders of early-stage startups through crucial areas such as business models, fundraising, and strategic positioning.

500for 4 months
Or Equity based Investments
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  • Dedicated Mentor
  • Weekly Goal Tracking
  • Monthly Brainstorming Session
  • Access to Humanize Network
  • 4 months engagement

Big Brainstorm

This is all about picking our brains and hearts. We can ideate, and scribble solutions for any challenge you are facing in our creative capacity.

(One time)
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  • 65 minute session
  • Deep dive on overall positioning
  • 10x idea generation
  • 1x Follow up conversation

You may love these numbers or give a second thought to it. But we always have a free strategy call booking available. Every call we take is nothing less than a brainstorming boost.
So why not go to the contact page and book one?