Our process

Often personal brands sound like they were “written” by an A.I. We, on the other hand, are here to Humanize your brand.
We make your personal brand sound, well, human, just in your tone.


Experience a fresh wave of storytelling with us


Story Sessions

Every human is a bunch of stories of failure, success, milestones, and perseverance. We provide you with a safe and supportive space to tell your story and express yourself for who you are.

Story Sync

We spend the initial 30 days understanding each layer of your brand and preparing your story drafts. All this is done while developing your precise target audience base and personal branding strategy.


Podcasts & Events

Once we create a pipeline of platforms suitable for your brand building, we help you take the next step of establishing a direct connection with your audience through online or offline mediums and leaving your impact.

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A senior Product executive of an MNC

"Archita and her team have been building my personal brand for over a year now like it's their own. They get me and my vision. I feel in today’s competitive world, what helps anyone is having a striking online brand. It definitely helps."

Founder and CEO of a healthcare startup

"When we started it was all about the content of my brand but today the Humanize team is helping us with much more. Podcasts, reach outs, events and our company’s marketing activities too. What I like about them is that they have very organically grown the trust of my audience."