Grow with us

Each one of us carries an instinct of excellence within us. Our purpose is to help you recognize and live yours.

our values

Design your work around your day, and not the other way around.

We believe that everyone has a life beyond their work because life is so much more than your 15-inch screen, such as your health, spending time in nature, family, and friends. So we empower our team to enjoy their life while smashing at work!

The key to success is not just finding the right job, but also being the right person for the job

Who wants a job of drudgery? But you may end up there if you are not doing the right job that is meant for you. And depressed people can never find joy at work and thus will deliver mediocre experiences.

We believe in happy people and people are happy when they find their work as play. We make sure we are assigning exactly the right job based on your capabilities, interests, and aspirations.

careers list

Let’s build happy times together

Marketing Intern

Full time / Part-time

Hyderabad - Kolkata - Remote

PR and Outreach Intern

Full time / Part-time

Hyderabad - Kolkata - Remote

Content Creator

Full time / Part-time

Hyderabad - Kolkata - Remote