A leading Healthcare CEO & Investor

He's a leader in healthcare, guiding a worldwide team. He also manages a family office, investing in clean energy, education, and healthcare startups.

Stage of Founder

His current business generates over $20 million in annual sales and is seeking private equity (PE) investment.


When his team approached us, their goal was to establish him as an industry leader in the online space, highlighting his expertise through compelling stories and regular updates on the events he attends.

Experiences we deliver

  • We handle all of his social media profiles, including LinkedIn, Instagram, and X. 
  • Our focus is on sharing engaging stories from his journey, highlighting milestones and lessons learned along the way.
  • We pitch him for appearances on various healthcare and entrepreneurship podcasts worldwide. 
  • Additionally, we help him stay updated on upcoming physical events, manage interactions with key clients, and post updates on his social media channels.
  • We also produce short films to showcase the stories of fellow entrepreneurs he invests in, promoting them on social media. Our team manages comments, identifies important conversations, and monitors DMs for relevant opportunities.
  • We are his trusted advisor for social media, profile positioning, and thought leadership initiatives, working to bring success and new perspectives to our client.

The Influence that we’ve created through Personal Branding

  • Increased impressions by 600% on LinkedIn

We got them in front of a much larger audience than he previously did. This increased top-of-the-mind awareness.

  • Created a strategic network by adding over 500 new connections 

We found and connected him to their target audience through strategic list-building based on his healthcare industry and the headcount size of his target companies.

  • Increased Brand Consideration almost 2x 

After constant content publishing and reach outs, potential buyers and employees started considering him more than before. 

  • Increased Employer Brand Love by 5x

As the head of the company, their team members were waiting to get him to know more, and now with more stories out, brand affinity went up. Moreover, the DMs of new people to work with him increased.

  • Increase of incoming Direct messages and Profile visits by investors, senior professionals, and many more.
  • More than all of this, he has transformed as a person to share more and be more confident with his online reputation. In Fact he himself gives us ideas to share not-so-comfortable subjects haha. We take pride in this win the most, because that's what we wanted: a comfortable zone for our client to be in to believe in the organic building of his personal brand.

So it has been a crazy journey but we have embraced all these milestones with a set of learnings. Today, we are just a text away from him, and shouldn't it be like that? Do read his testimonial here.

" Archita and her team have been instrumental in helping me step out of my comfort zone and share my startup journey beautifully. Initially, I was hesitant about sharing my story publicly, but with their guidance, we have consistently published content that deeply resonates with my audience.

Despite my busy schedule, they have been patient and matured in handling my profile throughout the year. As a leader working closely with Government and managing a large data base, I rely on constant support to craft my messages effectively. The Humanize team quickly understood my style and thought process, helping me navigate these challenges seamlessly from the start."